www.david-cross.co.uk Visit www.david-cross.co.uk

This website was designed to enable David to share and promote some of the music he has written and performed. To do this we built a bespoke system that allows him to update music which will then play in the custom made music player we produced. Other elements of the website can also be updated.

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www.food-4-you.co.uk Visit www.food-4-you.co.uk

This websites was designed to replace Food 4 You's old website which they felt was out of date. As well as the new website, we also made a bespoke content management system so they could update the gallery and news page themselves.

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www.miniaturemansions.co.uk Visit www.miniaturemansions.co.uk

This website offers both information about the business and an online shop. The shop catalogue can be easily updated and it will then each product is automatically integrated with payment system. We have also done a lot of search engine optimisation work on this website and have managed to get it high up in the search results for queries such as 'dolls house mouldings' which is what they primarily sell.

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www.piecesofscotland.com Visit www.piecesofscotland.com

This website was designed to offer a digital version of the land plot gift. The system we developed automatically assigns a plot number once a payment is received, and then generates all of the documents such as the certificate and the maps of plots. A testimonial is also loaded at random when each page is loaded. We also created all of the graphics for the website, like with every website, including the ones showing some of the things included with the land plots.

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www.buzz-word.net Visit www.buzz-word.net

This is a good example of one of our content managed websites because most of the pages can be updated by the client. This website also includes an online shop to sell the client's products, as well as many graphics that we have created to try and make the website appeal to children as much as possible as they are the target audience.

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www.jillsphotography.co.uk Visit www.jillsphotography.co.uk

For this website, the client wanted an attractive website that would help to promote their business and attract potential customers. The website features a gallery system which the client has full control over with a content managment system we built for them. They are able to add an unlimited number of photos to the system and can delete any they no longer want, all within seconds.

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www.rms-maranello-southwest.co.uk Visit www.rms-maranello-southwest.co.uk

This website allows the client to sell products and also display up to date information about their racing team. It was therefore important that they could update various parts of the website themseleves, so they are easily able to update pages like the results page. There is also an image gallery that the client can also easily update.

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www.cedargables.co.uk Visit www.cedargables.co.uk

The purpose of this website was to advertise the client's bed and breakfast business so we designed a brochure style website with images and information about the bed and breakfast. We were then asked to design a brochure for print to work alongside the website. A digital version of this brochure can be found on the home page of the client's website.

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www.dpturnerjoinery.co.uk Visit www.dpturnerjoinery.co.uk

The purpose of this webiste was to act as a showcase for the client's work so that people could easily see what the client did where ever they were. The website has also been optimised for the search engines so this website does also help to advertise the company.

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www.justinscartoons.co.uk Visit www.justinscartoons.co.uk

This website allows people to watch cartoons and animations, so one of the things we designed was a cartoon style video player for the website, and then the rest of the website was designed with a similar theme. We also built a ratings system for the website to allow people to rate the cartoons they watch.

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